Building Process

From the time you engage Sydney Select Constructions as your preferred builder through to job completion, there is a structured and tailored building process to follow - this helps relieve the stress of renovations on our clients and also helps us bring your thoughts and ideas to life.


Pre-construction: Before we begin on site we provide you with a customised Sydney Select Constructions ‘Item Selection Checklist' which outlines what you need to select (i.e. tiles, windows etc), quantities that are needed, when they need to be selected by, and several different sales representatives and / or material suppliers to visit. Having all the right items selected and decided really helps the building process move along smoothly and efficiently, removing the stress and quick decision-making some can experience during a renovation. We’ll also issue a Neighbour Notification Letter to your immediate neighbours a few weeks before commencement on site, to let them know what hours we will be working and a contact to call if the need arises.


Construction: During the build we arrange with you regular fortnightly site meetings to discuss specific project items, see the progress of the build and discuss any questions you may have. At each meeting the minutes will be documented, drafted up and a copy sent over to you. At the following site meeting we then action the items of the previous site meeting, if any. We have regular scheduled inspections carried out by the certifier during the build at each critical stage to ensure all works comply with relevant building codes, and copies of all certificates provided to you.


Post Construction: At the handover stage we provide you with a completion pack which includes, but isn’t limited to, photos during the build, warranties & guarantees from materials, appliances and trade compliance certificates, detailed drawings outlining installed services for your reference. We will walk you through room-by-room to allow you to inspect the works, and to touch and feel for yourself prior to handover. We arrange another visit after 3.5 months when the new works have settled to address and rectify any items of concern or to adjust materials such as doors, windows and painting touch ups.

Contact Us

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