Gallery - Rochford Street, Alexandria

This Alexandria semi was transformed from a cramped, dark property into an expansive, light-filled haven when the rear of the house was completely opened up, and its 2 storeys extended to both side boundaries. Increasing the width of the building gave this family of 3 a more spacious, open plan living area downstairs and roomy master bedroom upstairs.

Clever design harnesses natural light and warmth in 2 distinctive ways: a large quadruple-glazed roof over the rear sunroom compliments the wall-to-wall glass doors opening onto the courtyard, flooding the room with light. A series of skylights and pedestrian glass panels on the first floor bring even more light from above. With the new upstairs bathroom not connected to any external walls, access to natural light and ventilation was achieved by installing openable skylights in the roof and a louvred window in one wall that opens out to the light-filled stairwell.

The open kitchen boasts a striking touch of colour, with a high-gloss splashback near the sink and cupboard doors both in a vibrant aquamarine, making a fresh statement against the white floor and walls. The ground floor was finished with an epoxy coating, for a slick, polished look. The overall effect is ultra clean lines and abundant light for a warm, welcoming modern family home.